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56. How to Use Practice Tests (and What to Avoid), with Vinay Narang

March 08, 2022 Brett Ethridge / Dominate Test Prep
The Dominate Test Prep Podcast
56. How to Use Practice Tests (and What to Avoid), with Vinay Narang
Show Notes

Love 'em or dread 'em, practice tests are an essential and invaluable part of preparing well for your standardized test. They reveal your strengths and weaknesses, help you hone your time management, get you comfortable with the testing experience, and so much more. Yes, practice tests are important -- but only if you use them correctly. In this episode of The Dominate Test Prep Podcast, we'll show you how.

Joined by special guest Vinay Narang of GMAT Genius, we cover:

  • The role that practice tests should play in your test preparation;
  • How to overcome the fear of taking your first practice test -- and what to expect in terms of results;
  • How many practice tests you should plan to take, and when you should take them;
  • Why there is often variability in your practice test results;
  • What to do immediately after taking a practice test, and how to assess your relative strengths and weaknesses;
  • Why keeping an error log isn't overly helpful, and what to do instead;
  • What it means if your real exam score is lower than your practice test scores;
  • Tips for ensuring that your practice test experience simulates the real test-day experience as much as possible;
  • How to know when you're ready to schedule your official exam;
  • No-no's when taking a practice test (things to avoid);
  • And more!

Whether you're just starting your test prep journey and are gearing up to take your first practice test or you've already taken a bunch of practice tests and are wondering what to do next, the insight Vinay shares in this podcast will point you in the right direction. Enjoy!


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