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27. "7 Days Out" from Test Day

July 14, 2020 Brett Ethridge / Dominate Test Prep
The Dominate Test Prep Podcast
27. "7 Days Out" from Test Day
Show Notes

Test day is right around the corner. What should you be doing in the final week leading up to the big day to maximize your preparation and ensure that you have the best possible result on your exam? In this episode we break it down for you day-by-day, laying out for you exactly what you should be prioritizing each day starting "7 days out" to finish strong. 

Specifically, we discuss:

  • How many practice tests you should take in the final week of preparation -- and when you should take them
  • How to review your practice test results to determine where to focus your efforts during your last few study sessions
  • The importance of sleep and nutrition for test-day clarity and focus, with tips for maximizing each
  • When and how to introduce a timer into your practice sessions
  • A simple way to limit distractions and increase positivity in your life leading up to test day
  • Why trying to cram the day before your exam is not a good strategy (and what you should do instead)
  • Six things to do the morning of your exam
  • What to do the day after your test to de-stress your mind and body
  • And more!

If you have a week or less before test day, these last-minute tips will help you know where to focus and ensure that you've covered all your bases heading in to the exam. Even if you still have a while, much of what we discuss will help you with your preparation in general -- and then you can revisit it as your final week gets closer.

The end is in sight... finish strong!


  1. Download our free "7 Days Out" checklist HERE
  2. "Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime" referenced from Scientific American
  3. "How Much Sleep is Required for Peak Cognition" referenced from MDedge
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