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46. Is it Time to Throw in the Towel? [Mailbag]

July 07, 2021 Brett Ethridge / Dominate Test Prep
The Dominate Test Prep Podcast
46. Is it Time to Throw in the Towel? [Mailbag]
Show Notes

If you've taken the same standardized test multiple times and your score isn't improving appreciably, you might be wondering whether there's still hope for you or if perhaps you've reached your upper limit. That's the question we address in this "mailbag" episode of The Dominate Test Prep Podcast in response to Dan, who sent the following e-mail:

"After writing the [GMAT] exam 3 times, I am beginning to wonder if the 700 is just wishful thinking. Is it worth trying one more time?"

There are circumstances under which it makes sense to keep trying, and others where perhaps you'd be better off moving on with the score you have (or perhaps switching to a different exam altogether). In this episode we answer Dan's question and then share four considerations that provide additional nuance to help you figure out the best way to move forward on your own standardized test journey. Enjoy!

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