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55. Key Differences Between the Executive Assessment and GMAT

February 22, 2022 Brett Ethridge / Dominate Test Prep
The Dominate Test Prep Podcast
55. Key Differences Between the Executive Assessment and GMAT
Show Notes

Applying to business school? You'll likely need to take either the GMAT or Executive Assessment (EA) for admission. The two exams are similar in many ways, as the EA was developed by the same organization that created and administers the GMAT exam. But the EA and GMAT are also very different in several key ways -- and understanding those differences is crucial for you in deciding which exam to prepare for.

In this episode we provide a brief history of each test so that you better understand what they are designed to accomplish in the context of MBA / EMBA admissions. We then explain important differences between the Executive Assessment and GMAT in five areas:

  1. Who should take each exam based on the type of graduate business program you're applying to;
  2. Philosophical differences between the two tests, and what it means in terms of how to prepare and what score to target;
  3. The relative importance of the Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT vs. EA, with tips for studying for it;
  4. Content differences;
  5. Format differences, including how the adaptive algorithm differs for each exam and what it means for you in terms of navigating the sections.

As you'll learn, it would be a mistake to simply think of the Executive Assessment as an "easier" version of the GMAT, or as "GMAT Lite" as some have called it. To the contrary, the EA is its own entity designed for a specific type of MBA applicant. By the end of this episode, you'll know whether or not that's you!


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  6. Contact Brett Ethridge at Dominate Test Prep


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