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60. Why You Should Apply Round 1, with Linda Abraham

June 28, 2022 Brett Ethridge / Dominate Test Prep
The Dominate Test Prep Podcast
60. Why You Should Apply Round 1, with Linda Abraham
Show Notes

Graduate schools generally have more than one application deadline throughout the year, and when you apply often impacts your likelihood of being admitted. Indeed, it's more important than ever that you apply as early as possible in the admission cycle, according to Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted -- especially given the expected increase in application volume resulting from trends in the current economic landscape.

In this episode, Linda elaborates on that thesis as we discuss:

  • The distinction between "rolling admissions" and "rounds" and the approximate application deadlines for each submission period;
  • Why current economic trends (inflation, rising interest rates, impending recession) suggest that applying early (i.e. Round 1) is a good idea this application cycle;
  • The benefits of applying Round 1 even in a "normal" year;
  • Four (4) criteria to consider that will help you determine if you're ready to apply;
  • How long it takes to put together a polished application;
  • Why it's a mistake to rush an application just to meet Round 1 deadlines;
  • Whether it's better to apply in later rounds this year or wait until Round 1 next year;
  • And more!

If you've already decided that graduate school is in your immediate future, there's no time to waste when it comes to getting your test score and starting to work on your applications. After listening to this episode and hearing what Linda has to share, you'll understand why. Enjoy!


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