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49. Entrepreneurship and the MBA, with Daniel Bernal and Tingting Miao

August 24, 2021 Brett Ethridge / Dominate Test Prep
The Dominate Test Prep Podcast
49. Entrepreneurship and the MBA, with Daniel Bernal and Tingting Miao
Show Notes

The MBA degree is often thought of as helping people advance their careers in the corporate world. But is it also beneficial for entrepreneurs? In the case of Daniel Bernal and Tingting Miao, co-founders of Flora Colombia, the answer is a resounding yes! In this episode they share their fascinating story of meeting at EDHEC Business School, conceiving the idea of going into business together, and applying lessons from their MBA to the "real world" of running an international e-commerce startup. Specifically, they share:

  • Why they left careers in banking (Daniel) and railroads (Tingting) to travel halfway around the world to attend business school at EDHEC
  • The complementary strengths that drew them together as business partners -- and the spark that shifted their thinking toward entrepreneurship in the first place
  • The "hard" and "soft" skills learned during their MBA that have helped them on their entrepreneurial journey
  • Whether or not business school is really necessary to succeed in business
  • The value of the network you develop in business school, and specifically how their EDHEC network has been instrumental for them in launching Flora Colombia
  • The #1 biggest mistake they've made so far, and what they learned from it to become better business owners
  • The importance of the trips abroad that they took to San Francisco and South Africa as part of their MBA
  • Looking back, whether they view the time and financial investment pursuing an MBA as worth it
  • And more!

Whether you're currently and entrepreneur trying to decide if going back to school could help you grow your business, or you're set on getting your MBA and intrigued by the idea of parlaying your degree into launching your own business, we think you'll really benefit from the stories and lessons-learned that Daniel and Tingting share. Enjoy!


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  5. Learn more about EDHEC Business School -


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